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Andrea Howorth


Community Connection
Andrea Howorth

Andrea Howorth

  • I believe in growing and supporting strong relationships between community programs and our schools to foster an inclusive and creative learning culture for student successes and achievements.
  • I will continue to support the current program and look at expanding early childhood learning and the Strong Start Program. I will work with partner groups to provide ECE qualified childcare in our schools for before and after school programs as I am aware parents are finding it challenging to find childcare. 
  • I intend to work with our local business community to collaboratively prepare our students for post-secondary and workplace opportunities. We are hearing loud and clear that students do not feel prepared to enter the real world.
  • I resolve to stay current with research studies to understand how we can support educators and staff with the ongoing changes to our children and the school system.

  • Being involved in the community and connecting with people is my passion. I enjoy engaging in conversations with parents, educators, community and business partners. Whether it is at a business event or on the sports field, I’m available to engage in conversation.
  • It is important for me to listen and understand any feedback about our school, the School District, and our programs to prepare students to be productive and contributing members of our growing community.
Culture of Care
  • I believe all learners should have support and feel a sense of belonging.
  • I will monitor the budget closely to ensure current programs are able to run effectively as well as evaluate the need for improvement as the need arises.
  • Each student is a unique learner.   I will continue to encourage, respect and empower each student to achieve and realize their full potential.   I will work with the District to make it a priority. To me this means evaluating and advocating for appropriate staffing in the schools allowing teachers, educational assistants and administrative staff time to focus on supporting educational need for all students.
  • Mental Health and emotional support for our students is important. I will work with the leadership team to continue to provide a safe and creative learning environment.

  • I know that our youth are vulnerable and today’s society has many challenges.  Technology and the Internet have a strong presence in the lives of our students - both positive and negative.   We need to leverage the support programs already in place to create a sense of belonging and foster confidence so students don’t fall into the place of feeling lonely, depressed, victimized or bullied.
Learning & Education
  • I will collaborate and build on the existing partnerships with outside organizations to provide the best learning environment to nurture a life- long passion for learning. Students need be inspired, engaged and empowered.

  • Focusing on providing an inclusive school environment for students with diverse learning needs and work with the staff, families, and community agencies to support a sense of belonging will be high on my priority list.

  • We can improve on parental education and understanding of options available for our children in SD43. I will work with PAC/DPAC and parent communities to create a strong understanding of the re-designed curriculum, program options, and future planning at all levels of public education.

About Me

Andrea Howorth Family

The Howorth Family

As a parent with 2 children in our school system, I appreciate and am learning more everyday about the relationships and logistics it takes to manage our education system.

I am proud to be raising my family in the community both my husband and I grew up in. I grew up in Port Coquitlam and attended kindergarten to grade 12 and am a former Terry Fox Graduate and Student Council President. My husband and I have been living in this community for 40 + years.

Since my first child started school in 2012, I have been involved in our school PAC as Chair of Fundraising, volunteering my time planning events. I’ve organized many successful fundraising activities including the Blakeburn Family Carnival, Movie Nights and more. i've helped out with hot lunches, welcomed new families to the school and have attended and spoke at many student gatherings. Recently I became the DPAC Representative for Blakeburn Elementary and Minnekhada Middle School and attended the monthly meetings DPAC Meetings in addition to the school PAC meetings.

Last year it was recommended I consider running for the position of School Trustee. I began attending the School Board Meetings to get a better understanding of what the position of School Trustee involved. I attended the Budget Meeting and several local School District 43 events such as: information sessions on Smiling Creek Elementary School, Minnekhada Open House, Irvine Elementary Open House and more. I quickly came to the conclusion that while I am happy with the direction of SD43 these past few years, there is still room for improvement as our education system and needs of our students is constantly changing. While I am very active and involved at the school level, I am still not aware of all of the wonderful programs SD43 offers our children and parents need to be educated. I would be honoured to represent my community and focus on being the voice of education and awareness for our children and advocate for teachers and parents.

Xmas Baskets

Andrea delivering a holiday food basket for a friend to a family in need.

I also understand what it is like to raise a child who may need some extra attention. In 2012 my daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia ALL. She was only in Kindergarten. I spent many hours at her elementary school, talking to teachers, administrators. Even though my child was sick, dealing with effects of chemotherapy, steroids and lumbar punctures, I was her voice and had to make sure that her education did not suffer. Her teachers and staff were very supportive and went and above and beyond. You can imagine my surprise when they visited her in hospital or came to our home. They even had the entire school sign a get well card for her. They encouraged her to speak in front of the entire school and explain to kids why they should run in the Terry Fox run and how they can make a difference and help children and others dealing with cancer get better! I know our teachers are passionate about our children and want to see them thrive in a positive, encouraging environment. Thankfully my daughter is the picture of health and your average pre-teen. She is thriving in school and her personal life. You would never know she was faced with a life threatening disease.

I am proudly running my campaign on local community support and encourage everyone to vote on October 20 or in the advance polls on October 10 and 17.

I am confident with my strong business background, non-profit involvement including many board meetings, budget decisions, grant writing and strong communication skills along with my strong work ethic, dedication and passion for my community I will be proud to represent our children and parents as School Trustee! Please support me and vote for Andrea Howorth!


Judy Shirra - SD43 School Trustee

"Andrea Howorth is a hard working ethical person who understands her community and the big picture. I have worked with a number of people over the years, Andrea is the person who will represent you the public when it comes to what is best for our Children and community! Andreas’ connections with the business community and knowledge of all our schools and staff will be a huge asset to the Board of Education."

Michelle Tremblay - MPower Lives & I Am Someone Ending Bullying Society Board Member

"Andrea is a dedicated individual who is committed to making change in our community with her IAS leadership role.  She deeply cares about the bigger picture in response to the challenges our youth struggle with today around, bullying, feeling alone and afraid.  The text211 platform has strategically grown in our Tri-Cities area due to Andrea's keen awareness as to how we can move forward and make a greater impact.  Her positive energy, action, leadership and collaborative ideas supports how we can help our children in our world today.  I support Andrea's goals to become a School Trustee with her years of living here in our community and her devotion to helping out the community at large."

Teri Towner - City of Coquitlam Councillor & Chair of City of Coquitlam’s Cultural Services Advisory Committee, DPAC Executive Member

"Andrea has been a member of the City of Coquitlam’s Cultural Services Advisory Committee, a committee I Chair, for the past 2 years. Because of her extensive background and positive engagement, Andrea was a valuable member who regularly provided feedback and ideas. She is a very active and passionate person whether she is interacting in the business community or enjoying all the Tri-Cities has to offer. I also witnessed her enthusiasm for SD43 education at DPAC43 initiatives. I believe Andrea would be a top-notch advocate for the children and parents in SD43. ~ Coquitlam City Councillor Teri Towner (and DPAC43 executive member)"

Mark Smith – Manager Jim Pattison Auto Group, James Park Elementary PAC Member

"As a long- time resident and someone with deep roots in our city, I cannot think of anyone more qualified to be our school trustee. Andrea’s tireless and relentless work behind the scenes of programs here in Port Coquitlam for our youth as well as her constant commitment to community involvement in other areas, has given her a strong grasp on what the issues are with what needs to be done within our school district both from a parent’s point of view and a teacher’s. I can trust that her constant drive for positive results will be a major factor in getting the job done as our school trustee."

Trisha Umlah – District Helping Teacher for Counsellors, Maple Ridge

"Andrea Howorth is the ideal candidate for SD 43 School Trustee. Having worked with Andrea on the board of I am Someone I can attest to her ethical, and dedicated leadership style. She has worked tirelessly to bring awareness to the challenges children and youth are facing in our schools. Andrea is an advocate for education, mental health, and the great work being done by our schools and staff. Her energy and passion are unmatched. This vibrancy has made her a key player in providing resources to SD43  students who are at risk and victims of bullying. She is a champion for students and their well-being.She is a collaborative problem solver and is able to use her keen business sense to make wise and analytical decisions. These qualities have also allowed her to be a strong community volunteer and outstanding fundraiser. I have no doubt that Andrea Howorth will make a tremendous ambassador for our students, parents, and community members."

Geoff Hague – Chair of the I Am Someone Ending Bullying Society, and Chief Financial Officer of Dominion Lending Centres

"Having worked with Andrea for several years in the I Am Someone Ending Bullying Society, I can say without a doubt that she is a compassionate, caring, dynamic, and hard-working individual who would excel in the role of school trustee. She is a passionate cheerleader of the Tri-Cities, and has done incredible work for its families and its children in various capacities throughout the years. Working as a school trustee, I’m certain that she’ll be able to use all her past experience, her work ethic, her professional network – and especially her warm, caring, friendly personality – to put our communities’ children (and that includes my own) first in any and all education-related matters. She has my full support."

John Diack – Chair, Board of Directors, Port Coquitlam Community Foundation

My two opportunities to work alongside you have given me confidence that you are well equipped for this role.

In your most recent (and ongoing) role as a Task Force member for the Vital Signs process being completed by the Port Coquitlam Community Foundation, where I am the board chair, your keen interest for what is good and what is right for the city is very evident. You were invited to join that Task Force because you bring energy, a strong work ethic and you visibly care about Poco.

My experience with you previous to the Task Force was when you were the event coordinator for the Poco Foundation’s first ever Mayor’s Croquet Tournament. You showed a willingness to adapt to a rapidly changing process (this was our first version of that highly successful event…), and in the end the event proved to be an absolute win for all involved.

You always bring a positive attitude to the table and you are willing to be open about what you know and what you need to know. I think those are very valuable qualities. And the fact that you are being mentored by a high ranking member of the existing School District board says a lot about your desire to be fully prepared for the School Trustee role should you be successful in the upcoming election.

Your experience in the school system both as a parent and as an active volunteer will serve you well.

Liesl Jurock – Blakeburn Elementary Parent and Former PAC Member, SFU Co-Op Coordinator

I've had the opportunity to work with Andrea Howorth for several years as we served on our children's school Parent Advisory Committee. Andrea's dedication to the school, the community and especially the kids has been evident in the way she's devoted hundreds of hours of her time and her professional expertise on community building initiatives and fundraisers such as the Blakeburn Annual Carnival.

Professional Experience

Executive Director of I Am Someone Ending Bullying Society
Project Manager, Ultimate Online Auction, I Am Someone Ending Bullying Society
Marketing Manager, Coastal Sound Music Academy
Event Manager, Mayor’s Croquet Tournament, PoCo Community Foundation
Event Manager, International Women’s Day, Tri Cities Chamber of Commerce
Donations, BC Childhood Cancer Parent’s Association
Auction Manager, Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation Shine Gala
Sponsorship Manager, Canada Day, City of Coquitlam
Regional Sales Manager, Whistler Blackcomb

Professional Memberships

Tri City Chamber of Commerce Member
Tri City Chamber of Commerce Toastmasters International Member
Past Member – Vancouver Board of Trade
Past Member – Tourism Vancouver

SD43 Volunteer Roles

Fundraising Chair & DPAC, Blakeburn Elementary PAC
Fundraising & DPAC, Minnekhada Middle School

Community Volunteer Experience

Port Coquitlam Lacrosse, Team Manager
Port Coquitlam Soccer, Assistant Manager
Tri-Cities Pink Shirt Day Campaign
Port Coquitlam Community Foundation – Task Force
City of Coquitlam Cultural Advisory Committee
Tri Cities Chamber of Commerce Golf Committee
Operation Red Nose
Innovative Fitness Adventure Challenge
Be You, Empowering Young Women - Coquitlam Centre

Charity Volunteer Experience

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation
Cops for Cancer
Children’s Wish
Ronald McDonald House
BC Childhood Cancer Parents Association

How can you get involved?

  • Place a lawn sign in your yard. Please email me your contact details and street address.
  • Volunteer a few hours – help put up campaign signs, come door knocking with me.
  • Make a donation – I’d happily coordinate pick up a donation or you can mail it to: DLC, 2215 Coquitlam Avenue, Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 1J6 Attention: Andrea Howorth
  • Like my Facebook Page for updates and a great area for questions and answers…. and learn more about me: Andrea Howorth for School Trustee in Port Coquitlam
  • Most importantly…VOTE! Bring a friend, bring 3…..every vote counts. Last election we only had a 26% voter turn out. We need your support as we are representing your tax dollars.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Please VOTE on October 20, 2018

for location information.

Advance Locations:

October 10 and 17 – 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
The Outlet, 2253 Leigh Square, Port Coquitlam

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